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Schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, wineries, convenience stores, gas stations, storage facilities, and manufacturing plants, to name a few, have been protected by Gossett Alarm since 1982.

Your commercial security system can be professionally installed to accommodate your building size and location, delivery schedule and number of employees.

Intrusion detection is usually foremost in the concerns of all business owners. Gossett Alarm can install door and window sensors, motion detectors (even those designed for a harsh or unstable environment), glass breakage detectors, and photo beams which alert our central monitoring facility.

Every commercial security system can and should include fire protection. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, and spot fire detectors are available.

If your business has grown beyond a one-man show, you have employees who have access to many sensitive aspects of your business, including your company and employee files and your profit margin.

Every commercial security system that Gossett Alarm installs has the built-in ability to assign each of your employees individual user codes which enables us to keep a log of all opening and closing times and dates. Gossett Alarm furnishes you with a weekly or monthly printout detailing when your business was actually open for business and when it closed, and by whom. Each user is assigned their own personal access code so you know who is coming and going and when. We will notify you immediately in the event of an "unauthorized opening or closing" at the wrong time as well as a "fail to close" if the last employee out forgets to arm the system.

Access to sensitive areas within your business can be physically controlled using magnetic door locks controlled by electronic timers or additional keypads. Entry into these areas is detailed on a printout as well.

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Your security system protects your building and inventory while your business is closed. But what about during the daytime hours when your front door is wide open? Who's guarding against shoplifting, fraud or personal injury? You can't be everywhere or see everything.

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