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Headquarters Staff:

Michael Gossett - Owner/ Installation Supervisor
Jennifer L. Castro - Office Manager/Agent
Brian Castro - Alarm Technician

Contact us at
Phone: 707.263.3567

Fax: 707.263.9006

  Credit Card Billing Authorization PDF (38 kb)
  DSC Digital Security Controls
  DSC PC580 PDF (833 kb)
  DSC PC1500/PC1550 PDF (196 kb)
  DSC PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 PDF (1.69 mb)
  DSC PC3000 PDF (348 kb)
  DSC PC5010 Power 832 PDF (1014 kb)
  DSC Z1100 PDF (431 kb)
  MAXSYS PC4020/PC4020CF PDF (712 kb)
  Via 30+, Vista 10, 4111XM PDF (399 kb)
  Vista V50P/50PUL PDF (399 kb)

Alarm Maintenance

(items are available over the counter or shipped. Prices below include sales tax)

Control Panel Battery (Back-up battery for the alarm system)

$43.50 each

DSL Filter (For use with DSL internet service through your phone line)

$32.63 each

Device Batteries (For wireless alarm devices)

$8.70 each

Phone: 707.263.3567
Fax: 707.263.9006